Holidays In the Sun

I am not going to bull s* you, returning to Jamaica was tough, partly it was the separation from the people and places that I care so much for and partly it was timing right BEFORE the Christmas holiday.  I did have some work related activities to be excited for, right after I returned.  The Clarendon Crime Prevention Committee sponsors a Christmas Children’s Treat, where kids get to come for rides, food, music, games and presents.  For many of the children present, it is the only gift they will get for Christmas.  I enlisted some help from a few of PCV friends and the afternoon was a lot of fun.

After the treat was finished, I began to mope as Christmas loomed.  Lucky there are some amazing PCVs on island who were in the same boat and we decided to make some lemonade out of our ex-pat Christmas.  Several of the larger towns on the island have Grand Markets around Christmas, culminating on a big party on Christmas Eve.  A few of us went to visit Brandi who lives close to Browns Town and after laughs and good food we headed out to the Grand Market for dancing and fun.  I couldn’t help but get into the festive spirit, even doning a pair of light up Disney Princess ears (yes thats a thing) and even bargained hard for a stars and stripes shirt that I just couldn’t pass up (apparently American flags are hip these days).  After the market I went back with my girl Claire to Ochi and we did fun stuff like go swimming at Blue Hole and dye out hair silly colors.

2)New Years

Not long after I returned from the Christmas break it was time to head back up to Mo-Bay to meet my sister and her new husband for their honeymoon/visit.  I had so much fun showing around my fav spots and making sure to introduce them to everyone and anyone.  My favroite part was a trip out to Pigeon Island, it is off of the South Coast and is the white sand and bright blue water of tourism ads.  It is almost always empty and it’s beauty and solitude have made it one of my most cherished places on the island.  Joe had a great time hunting for conch shells and even found a couple that still had the conch inside.  Someone showed him how to get it out and the proceded to eat it like a big slimy, slug looking oyster. Ick.

3) Half Moon

After a great few days with my sis and bro-in-law, we headed up to Mo-Bay to the airport.  On our way we picked up three of my friends who were going to live the posh life with me for the weekend.  It it always good to see the two Claires, but it was Kris, my homegirl who had moved on from her life in JA and I haven’t seen in months.  She is doing great and was able to treat the rest of us to an amazing couple of days at one of the nicest resorts in Jamaica.  We ate like queens and I enjoyed every minute.  It was the perfect end to my two months of travel and now it is time to get back to the grind.  (Still miss you Kris).


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  1. Thank you for keeping the blog. It is nice to see a month view of your activities and how you are feeling. Love you.

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